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Monday, November 23, 2009

Can You Predict the Future?

Feats of Students:
Bridge Failure Prediction

During this two hour class the students reviewed the Labor Day reconfiguration of the Bay Bridge. A girl gave an opinion as to why a certain eye-bar cracked. This same girl, noting that this reconfiguration was unintentionally putting large stresses on undeserving bridge components, predicted that the bridge would fail in a specific way. The amazing part is that later the same week THIS EXACT FAILURE OCCURRED.
You might ask: can I use the knowledge I gain from Splash to keep the rest of the world safe? One student, who took a class by Michael Daly (E479: San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Project - an Overview), did just this.
So by just taking a simple class at Splash, a student was able to understand and apply the knowledge she gained to a real-life situation and predict a bridge failure. "It's too bad the CalTrans Officials didn't take this class" Daly Wrote. Too true, Michael, too true. There are no limits to what you could potentially learn at Splash, and you'll just never know when it will come in handy!


  1. Dang this is Pimpin! I wish I could predict the future!

  2. This is so cool. CalTrans should hire that girl and put her in charge of bridge design.