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Monday, February 8, 2010

Look who won a T-Shirt!

SPLASH! T-shirt competition results!!
A while ago we polled all of our past students to tell us about their experiences during SPLASH!  We've rated them and pick one to win a free SPLASH!  T-shirt!  Congratulations Yessenia Moreno!  

Below is her SPLASH! experience that won her a free t-shirt.  

Splash was a great experince for me. I had never attended Splash and I regret that because it was a really fun experience.  I went as a Senior, which unfortunatly means that i can't go next year, but if I could do it again, I would. You get to meet a lot of new people, no matter what age they are, it's still fun to get to know them. My favorite classes would have to be Sign Language and Frisbee. I really enjoyed both because they were really fun and I got to interact with others :) I was a little bad at Sign Language, but it was still fun to see that I was not the only one struggling.  There were times when I got lost, expecially when I had to get there, but it was still fun.  One of the wacky experinces I had was that I took a Music Theory class when I had never seen a music note or learned about them. Thanks for giving me the chance to be there.
 I would recommend this to anyone, it's fun and at the same time you learn new things.             
-Yessenia Moreno


  1. Sounds like a great program!

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